Over the summer of 2019, I was a product management intern at Hulu! I worked on a variety of projects over the summer including

  • Improving naming across Hulu collections
  • Leading an intern project on developing product strategy
  • Leading a hackathon project focused in automatic content filtering

This required me to work with cross functional partners in On Channel Marketing, UX Research, and Data Science to research and launch experiments to help create a framework around better collection naming schemas.

Some of my intern friends and I :')
Some of my intern friends and I :')

My second project was focused on developing product strategy for how Hulu's content discovery experience could evolve in the next couple years. I worked with 2 design interns and one research intern to do focus sessions, research studies, and prototype out features based on the strategy we developed. Ultimately, we presented to Hulu's VP of Product and got some of our recommendations added to the following year roadmap!

The last project I worked on was at the company wide hackathon. I worked with 5 other software engineering interns to develop a feature to flag and skip sensitive content — this involved writing an algorithm to detect epileptic content, training a machine learning model to detect nudity, and creating a user flow for how scenes would be skipped. It was a lot of fun! We handed off our work to the research team in Beijing at the end of the summer.