Johnathan Zhou

senior at uc berkeley, passionate about building products that empower the way we work & learn



Incoming Product Manager, August 2020

Excited to be joining their latest new grad product manager cohort!


Product Management Intern, Summer 2019

Optimized collection names, prototyped the future of Hulu, and built an intelligent content filtering feature.


Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2018

Led ideation through launch of a user profile for a performance testing framework (Scala, Play Framework, Slick).

Slice Capital

Investment Analyst Intern, Summer 2018

Researched and conducted outreach to seed-stage companies looking for equity crowdfunding options


Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2017

Shipped a full stack web application (MERN stack) - “uber for phone repairs” - for a remote client.


Founder, 2014-2016

Started and directed an organization of 20 in providing accessible digital tutoring to the greater Orlando area.

Leadership & Extracurriculars

Product Space


Started a new product organization on campus, aiming to cultivate the future generation of product leaders.


Project Developer

Developing a rewards/coupon tracking mobile application (React Native + Airtable) for DC Central Kitchen


Product/Technology Lead

Defined product roadmap and led development and execution of new technology initiatives: curriculum tracking software, hackathon management, etc.

Haas School of Business

Course Instructor

Taught digital marketing at the business school, lecturing on concepts like storytelling, SEO, and more.


Slack Calendar Assistant

Developed intelligent Slack bot that allows for the creation of Google Calendar invites/reminders through natural language queries.

Collaborative Text Editor

Used React.js, MongoDB,, and Electron to build a desktop app capable of document editing, sharing, and collaboration.

Checkout System

Hackathon management application to manage students, rental laptops, workshop checkin, and prize raffling.

Food Harvesting

Led 4 students in ideating solutions to food waste on campus, eventually saving 100+ lbs of wasted food.

Twitter Strategy

Worked in a team of 5 to develop & pitch content strategy to Twitter’s head of content.